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The Sports Association of Northern California Recreation Agencies (SANCRA) is an association created to help recreation personnel promote, broaden and improve their recreational sports services.

SANCRA was originally formed to encompass all Northern California Recreation Agencies. When difficulties arose in operating such a large organization, SANCRA restructured itself into smaller district sections to improve effectiveness and to continue to serve as a local sports resource organization.

Presently within CPRS District IV and CPRS District VI, four SANCRA districts exist. The South Bay District has over twenty member cities/agencies ranging from Mountain View to Hollister. The Peninsula District has membership from various cities spanning from Daly City to Menlo Park. East Bay District has cities spanning from Union City to Alameda and east to Danville. North Bay District has cities from San Francisco north

The primary objectives behind these organizations are twofold:

1) To foster, promote, regulate, develop, and conduct competitive sports programs for sports participants within each district.2) To offer to those charged with the administration of these programs an opportunity to exchange ideas and philosophies which will lead to the improved conduct of local sports programs.

In order to meet these objectives, these SANCRA organizations have proceeded along almost identical lines. Monthly meetings are rotated among participating member cities. Discussions at these meetings center primarily around eligibility situations, roster/residency checks, new programs, sports tournaments, and the overall improved use of facilities available within each District. Generated from these meetings has been the cooperation and coordination among member cities that has offered a more professionally operated sports program. Several of the ways cities have benefited through their involvement include:

1) Standardized sports rules or rule books are published and disseminated to all member cities and SANCRA sanctioned teams.

2) SANCRA recognized certified official’s associations which provide qualified, trained officials within an individual sport. SANCRA uses these officials in all sponsored activities in which sanctioned teams are participating.

3) A “Player Code of Conduct” has been adopted by all member cities of SANCRA This code of conduct governs and guides individuals and teams involved in competitive recreational sports activities.

4) Classifications of individuals and team are based upon talent and ability within some respective sports. This seeks to insure that equality of talent and the competitiveness of all teams participating in a SANCRA sanctioned league.

5) District tournaments are coordinated and conducted on all ability classifications for SANCRA sanctioned sports. These tournaments, which originally grew from the competitive needs of adult sports groups, are rotated among member cities to help share in the responsibility and effort necessary in hosting these tournaments.

While many professionals within the field know of SANCRA’s efforts in attempting to improve the sports services offered to member cities, there does seem to exist the misconception that the only sports programs SANCRA is involved with is that of adult men’s groups (i.e. softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, etc). While it is true that many of the teams that are SANCRA sanctioned are involved in the adult men’s sports programs, SANCRA, through various means, has sought to develop and conduct competitive sports in the following areas: Women’s sports (volleyball, softball, basketball); Co-Recreation (volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, softball and track).

With individuals within our society continuing their trend towards participation in all areas of leisure services, organized competitive sports will continue to grow. SANCRA’s efforts in the future will strive to meet the competitive sports needs of these participants within each district. Cooperation among recreational agencies through such an organization as SANCRA will, hopefully, lead to an evolvement of ideas, philosophies, and programs in best providing and outlet for the sports interests of all individuals.

For any further information, feel free to contact the SANCRA President in one of the districts. Website information may be obtained at: